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pussy politics
To all bearers of pussies I bid a grand hello, to all the penis carriers I greet you. Today I am going to focus on women and their main asset. The part of their body that defines their lives. Your vagina or however you call that triangular part between your legs.
Normally we don ‘t engage in conversation about what we see as only a sexual organ and showing your pussy in public is really not done socially but it happens anyway so let’s have an honest talk about our treasure.
As a child I learned that I have to be careful with my poennie especially around boys and men because that was the only thing they were after. Later in life I learned that men are indeed only interested in my pussy. I talk and work with men and I noticed that whatever was going on inside of me was least interesting than trying to have sex with me. I could say the most brilliant things or just be silly, be sweet as sugar or bitter or sad or mad it all boiled down on whether I opened my legs or not. If you want your man to stay at your side give him pussy no matter what. Pussy will get you everywhere. It gets you everything your heart desires especially if you are conscious of how you manage your pussy-politics. Because a man is only interested in that part of your body . He’ll do anything to get inside your gate. Wars are waged, prisons are built, marriage is instituted, ideologies are made just so men can possess as much pussy as they can lay their hands on. The Roman empire was personally destroyed by Cleopatra Because she put her pussy at work. Her vagina played a giant role in defeating the Roman army and disharmonizing the system of politics. Mata Hari had a great deal to do with ending the First World War. The sex industry is the world’s biggest, oldest industry that goes on in whichever state a country’s economics are in. And the main dish in this industry is pussy, as much as money can buy. Women often experience it as a defeat if their vagina is misused and it gives them sorrow when they feel victimized by men in the use of their sexuality. Men see it as practical to have power over women in order to have sex with them. Possessing a woman’s vagina always proofs to be their final goal.
Woman, how do you view your poenani? What does having a vagina does to your life?
I know from personal experience that it dictates your moods, how you carry on, how you see life and how you experience your life as a woman. It can be the only means of your survival; it can let you reproduce life, something no other is capable of. Only female creatures bring forth living things. Realize your power. Don’t cut yourself short in life. If you have invested everything you have in leading a fruitful life it is not logical to give your poennie away to some guy who is only interested in possessing your pussy. Since we have established that that is all they want, use pussy to fulfill your lives desires. People in general strife for a fulfillment of their needs. A woman needs to feel safe and wanted to find content in the life she leads. It always depends on how she goes about managing her sex-life that ends in results. Realize your power and life a women’s life. We were created to help men to continue life. Men are meant to provide for women. Since we now know that let’s celebrate our bearers of life instead of forcing woman and man to be something their not. Victims of systems and situations. Let’s do what we do best. Ride the pussy and enjoy the pussy. Be true to ourselves.
In this paper I will elaborate on some questions in regard to this topic.
What is a woman and why does she have a vagina
A woman is a creature, as many believe created by a God, after this god created a man. A man is a being that carries a penis between his legs. With this organ he pees and reproduces himself. But he only carries part of the puzzle. In order to procreate he needs a uterus. Woman was created as carrier of this human asset. Safely encumbered in her belly lie the eggs, bearers of the other part of the puzzle, and the dwelling place of the developing human body, the uterus. The womb is placed in her body in such a way that to reach it the man has to thrust his penis into the opening between her legs. His penis then arrives in a corridor which ends in the opening of the womb, the mouth of the uterus. He cannot get into the womb and only his semen can reach and enter a fertile egg. This conception results in human beings. So you see the most important reason for a man to reach exactly this position (being inside a vagina and spurting his seeds) is because he is created to procreate and extend humanity.
Woman are because of their task as carrier of new creations very vulnerable and soft.They are strong too in the sense that to bring forth and carry a baby, you need strength. Your body must be able to carry the extra load for as long as nine months. They are weak in their task to open their bellies, they are susceptible to men’s desire to possess them. All this because humanity is intended to continue itself and populate the earth. They are vulnerable in case of their offspring. We call that mother’s instinct. Knowing you are needed and wanted is important for the wellbeing and content of a woman. Our creation dictates our self worth to be sought in being needed by men as men’s being dictates that he needs a woman to be whole. So man craves pussy and woman looks for the best penis she can attract. A man will live for the day that he can possess as much pussy as he can handle so he makes a career, creates worlds, designs political systems in order to make him as attractive as possible for females and consequently his children. For example a house is female in having space inside. Like a vagina, it is hollow. The height of a building represents the length of the shaft of the vagina. Cars are wombs, like these they carry humans inside them. Success in work is inherent to whether he can come home to his own warm pussy. If you want a man to perform promise him pussy and he will go to all lengths to please you. Deny him pussy and soon his world collapses because the whole reason for existence is gone. He will have to start all over in conquering a new pussy and make more children and work harder to keep the pussy coming.
Women are more interested in selecting the man that gives her the most reason to give exactly him her vagina. Her whole life she will have to choose among many, which one she likes enough. While men will indiscriminately take on a sex partner, women are more selective. In order to get healthy off spring especially the seed needs to be of good quality and since women make men and women she instinctively knows what a man needs to become a useful penis. So the source of power over men lies in her vagina and how she uses this power relates back on how she wishes to lead her life.
Usually all this goes on unnoticed by men as well as women who are so caught up in the games. The games we call living a life. We really think that other things are so important that they take up all our time but believe me in the end when we lay ourselves to rest our last thought is our most basic thought. Did I get enough out of my pussy today and he thinks was there enough pussy for me today.
Pussy politics in writing
Literature is the written aspect of culture. Humanity is divided into a diversity of  cultures which all view vagina in a different way. For some woman need to undergo rituals to cleanse herself, such as circumcision and herbs or contraptions to clean the inside of the vagina. For others she has to keep away from everyone when she is menstruating which is sometimes viewed as a punishment for being a sinful creature. She has to cover herself completely for others and only show her real body to her lord and master. Often women are the spoils of war and have to be totally submissive to men. Women are treated as unwanted and unimportant from a young age so that they won’t be aware of their power. Let’s look at the greatest book of rules: The Bible. After God created Adam, he observed that something was missing in his creation so he came up with a female creature. With this part of creation he secured it for the future. It being Earth and her dwellers. So after Eve came about and saw Adam she immediately started her job by communicating with him; offering him pussy, most likely he refused because he was not there yet, didn’t know he would need sex to survive. So Eve asked around and finally snake gave her the secret to live. She would have to take charge and seduce her man. Bring him in a state of wanting. After Adam and Eve did the deed, it started to show. Eve got pregnant. Like every responsible parent God saw they had grown up and send them into the world to fend for themselves so he chased them away from Paradise into the rest of the freshly created Earth. But like every parent he knew what he was doing since he himself is the source of everything that is. So, he gave them advise among others go and spread yourself around. So Eve bears children, boys and girls. So she was doing her work but Adam had no idea yet what the consequences were of his sexuality so he needed more teaching. So God gave his two sons to his two daughters, since they were the only human beings around. The conflict between Cain and Able can never be about offerings to their creator it was about having sex with their wives and their wives bearing children or not or having had sex with the other brother. So now Adam understood and started to teach his offspring about his experience. If we look further we see that Abraham is ordered to slaughter his oldest son. I bet that this boy was a bastard of his wife. Either conceived by a love affair or rape. Otherwise he would never have followed the order since men were already killing each other over pussy so sons were scarce. In all the stories in the bible sex plays a main role but is hidden under metaphors. So what we view as teachings for the soul are really teaching men how to dominate women and teaching women that they must succumb to men’s will. Even Jehova himself is not free from wanting pussy. According to Maria he impregnated her with Jesus. Now to me the whole story of a virgin mother is weak. I think Maria was very smart. Either she was raped or had an affair with someone that didn’t keep his promise to keep her if she bore him a child or it had to remain secret because he was already married and since Jesus was considered a king he might as well be Herod’s child. Why else would Herod go to all this length to kill him as a baby? Mary had to explain her pregnancy without revealing her secret so she used the strongest excuse she could think of and proclaimed God to be the father of her child. The mother of Mohamed used the same trick and thus securing the future of their sons. As every woman who got pregnant out of wedlock she was first sent to her aunt until they found a man willing to marry her but the couple had to leave home so no one would know Mary’s secret child. Jesus mostly grew up in Egypt and places other than Nazareth. The reason he was killed is the same reason they had to live elsewhere, people saw the resemblance of his father in him. He believed his mother so he really thought he was the son of God which gave him his power to preach and heal. But there was also a lot of doubt in Jesus’ life when he found out why they wanted to kill him. They being the king of Israel. So, Jesus became a strong example for men. Stay away from pussy if you are not prepared to suffer the consequences.
The Greeks have similar stories about Gods impregnating mortal women and these women bearing their children. Like Hercules but they adored these children as half gods and capable of many heroic deeds. Why is an immaculate conception impossible in my eyes? Because it doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. To make a child you need a male and a female body and nothing else can bring forth a living body. Now we may know that woman have always been victimized by men in their struggle to dominate pussy. Isn’t the best way for males to celebrate their triumphs humping women? It always ends with that as far as I can observe.
Now as time moved on so did the production of literary works. Primarily brought forth by only men, not because they were the only ones who could write but mainly because these books had the same function as the bible: to keep women submissive and to teach men how to dominate pussy. All these legends about kings and knights, crusaders and heroes are all meant to boost up men’s ego and move women in to seeing her man as her sole keeper and protector. She is taught that only under a man’s guidance she can blossom and live a full life. Books written by men portray men in a positive sense, they help to keep up the illusion that man is strong and has good intentions thus is attractive to women . When women write about men they expose them for the manipulative power crazy being he usually is to women. Books as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre were both written by woman and both tell a tale about men’s cruelty. Female writers like Agatha Christy make their men either villains or heroes but always kind to women. Hercule Poirot is a great admirer of women. He’d rather expose a male creep than accuse a woman of a crime. Miss Marple is presumably a virgin but she is never bothered by sexual feelings for a man and still she knows men as the back of her hand. Her strong point is that she is taken for granted and thus ignored as a possible sexual partner which gives her room to observe people and sniff around. Books written by females in most cases end with a happy independent woman, like in the Color Purple, while books written by men mostly end by men having sex with the heroin.
In our time we also have stories on film. There is also a clear difference between movies made by men and movies made by women. Women are seldom the lead figure in films made by men and if they are they’re usually sexually insatiable and as aggressive as men. Or they have to allow their body to be abused for sexual propaganda. Some literature serves as a warning against the mean character women are accused of having. Fatal Attraction is one example.
Then there is the category of writings that are especially aimed at female readers, novels like Candlelight, The Harlequin series that tell about relations between men and women and end with the man getting the woman of his choice. Sometimes against all odds. They teach women to play the game: how to trick a man into entering her pussy. It is not so hard to attract a man and keep him running, just wave yourself around him and he will notice you. Seduce him a little more and he’ll want to possess you. The thickest book ever published is ‘How to understand a woman’. While it is easy for women to seduce men it is mind bothering for men to seduce women into having sex with them. Women think a lot more complicated about sex partners than men.
She will only open up if she wants something from a man otherwise she is totally capable of controlling her pussy than men are in controlling their penis. When Harry met Sally, he certainly was not there yet, it took him years to conquer her pussy. Pretty Woman, played her cards right and turned from whore for many into private whore and then wife. Which is a one client whore.
So, as in real life literature teaches us how to go about our sexual relations and get the most out of it. Literature, as every other cultural aspect, gives us role models and examples, morals and principles about rearing our bodies into survival mode, when we reproduce. 
Our pussy has a huge task
Now that we know what life is all about, we can go about making this world more livable. Women can decide to help men making the world more female and men can help woman by recognizing her power over him. Together we can work on a world where protection and security are main aspects of our lives. We can support each other while rearing ourselves and our children and guide them through this existence. Teach your sons to be good partners, teach your daughters to be all they can be. For as much as men are busy with sex, women’s nature places her in a position to oversee the consequences of her sexual behavior. Her sex-life has more influence on her life than it has one the lives of males. Her decisions are of more consequence on the way the world is ruled than men’s decisions do.
Let’s all concentrate on making the world more sensible and just. As long as woman fear to do the real ruling we will suffer wars, famish and all the nasty things men think of in their pursue of pussy.  A woman needs her world to be safe and balanced when she is coaxed into reproducing herself. So let’s help these guys a little bit more because left to their own resources men tend to make a mess of things. Guide your children well; teach them to behave more on brain power and less on sexual drive. Let them learn to respect each other as parts of the same puzzle. Let yourself be respected as an intricate but indispensable part of creation. The role of women has to be extended so that we can create a world in which everybody is safe and sound and lives in harmony. We need to be more active in areas that men reserved for themselves so they will not be hindered in their pursue of pussy. And be proud of our greatest asset. Put it to good use by simply having a better policy in its usage.
I hope that someone will come up with the best answer to this mutual problem because I don’t have the ultimate solution for creating a more balanced  existence without the ongoing war between the sexes and men among each other. But what I know is that we have to think differently about the role woman play in life and acknowledge the power of pussy. So, if you have one, use it well and if you want one go about getting it wisely because it will define the course of your life.

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