The mind

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The mind

I would like to tell you a story because I hope that when you understand what is revealed in the story can assist us in the solution of our dilemma. What is earth, what are human beings and why we have to preserve life.

In the beginning there was mind and nothing. So mind thought up things and things became matter. And mind started playing with matter, moving it around. And so it made lights and around the lights it made objects that floated around it and so it made planets. And these planets moved so there was wind and some planets had such a position in the ring around the suns that the wind produced oxygen. And the mind thought of a way to contain the oxygen and so it created bodies. The mind obviously needed bodies to contain the mind on these living planets. But the mind had no body so it created gods. And these gods contained the mind and could assist the mind.

Now let’s focus on the living planet we live on. So the mind started to give a visual form to itself. From matter it made ground, mountains, hills and filled the valleys with water. So to cool down the place and store the mind. But these bodies couldn’t express the mind. So it made trees and plants but they couldn’t move the mind around. So it made bodies that moved, what we call animals. They could spread the mind but couldn’t fully exploit the mind. So it experimented on till it created the human being, which could contain the mind, move it and use it to create. After one body was successfully made he kept on making more humans because he realized that if the mind was distributed over more bodies it would be better because if all the mind would be contained in one body that body would have to be so big that it wouldn’t fit on one planet. So we have learned about all these prototypes of human beings and that creation is an ongoing process. So human beings are able to create bodies through their bodies and the mind. Now the mind was safely contained in a body that suited its purposes. And the mind ruled the bodies. Everybody has to follow its mind. We learned to express this position of the body as slavery of the body. But the mind needs the body to express itself and so it needed to learn how to operate the body so it could survive and keep on working and creating the earth. So besides physical existence the bodies needed spiritual existence. It needed thoughts that it could make heard or seen. So it got voices and eyes and ears so it could communicate with other pieces of the mind. It needed a way to survive because the mind discovered degeneration of the body thus of the living mind so it got a womb and seeds to procreate, make a new body. The seeds include every information to become a mind and body and so the continuation of life was guaranteed. And the humans did what the mind told them to do and inhabited the earth and procreated.

That is how creation began. Now humanity is in a state that mind and body are aligned. The human bodies are in such numbers that there are many pieces of the mind alive if not the whole mind. So we know and understand a lot of things now that we didn’t know before. We have studied the body, studied the mind and how these are assembled and how they work. We know that the mind is housed in the brain and that without the brain, the body cannot function. We know that the only way that we can leave the earth is through death of the body. That we are bound to earth and can only function freely and wholly on earth. That other bodies on other living  planets are beyond our reach so that it is better to sustain the earth so humanity can go on living.

Now there is a constant clashing of the collective mind stored in individual bodies. The mind dictates what the mouths  express, what the body does. The mind is tired of disagreeing so it tries to lessen the number of bodies. It gives bodies expressions to communicate its dissatisfaction.  But if we listen well to ourselves and each other and listen to our minds we can come to an understanding of what it is we are and so are supposed to do. Sustain life, sustain bodies, sustain the mind by listening to what the mind tells us not only through our own body but through other bodies. We have to hear the collective thoughts and try to understand what it communicates so we can know what to do to make our earth the safe and pleasant environment that the mind wants us to have. Where we can exist together as one mind. Peace of the mind doesn’t mean a standstill or boredom. It means freedom and balance so the mind can breathe and create and stay alive eternally as it was since the beginning .  Now let us not forget that only mind can destroy matter. But matter cannot destroy mind, so stop trying to destroy it and concentrate on helping it to stay alive.

So I hope you now better understand what it is, that is and what it should be and no matter what will be because that is a mind not a matter.

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