God and man

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God and man
Humanity has been made to be slaves. Slaves on earth, ruled by the gods. What else can we do but obey the laws of each other inspired by the Gods?
We are created to work, build and procreate in the name of our Gods. Instilled in us are our own master as well as slave self.
In order to survive we have to employ ourselves on earth and perform all kinds of duties. A bee can live of nectar. A bird on seeds, but a human being has to do far more to exist.
Foremost we are bound to earth and dependent on its fruits. To profitably exploit these fruits work is a necessity.
What do we get in return? The right to breathe, to be human, to earn a livelihood out of our work.
The time of raw and brutal enforcement of labor seems to be over. People feel the need to be free of forceful circumstances where it is hard to breathe, to feel part of something alive.
I want to stress the role of the Gods.
In their rush of creativity they made humans as resourceful and devious as themselves. They instill divine rules upon humans so they can find fulfillment of their needs which they connected to humanity’s fate.
Often humans don’t know why they do certain things and how come they are alive. But as obedient as we are made we follow our celestial orders and march on.
Is there a need not to follow the rules of our Lords and Masters? Why do we fight our own urges which come out twisted when they are being supressed. We are free to roam the earth as long as we realize that we are in bondage. This proves to be very conflicting for in reality none of us know.
There is still a lot that has to be found out and known for a fact before humanity may understand who they are and can be in peace with their Gods, as grateful slaves ought to be towards their Masters. 
Arlette Codfried    mei 2014

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